5 Ways To Protect Yourself When Going Out For Essential Services

Our dear Align Client, we hope you are well.
At Align we are a highly hygienic, essential medical service offered in a boutique setting. As such, the government's recent announcement does not impact the services provided at Align - our Mississauga Flagship remains open. Your safe protection against COVID-19 is our priority. Please read the important details below regarding any upcoming appointments you may have with us. 


Effective January 3, 2022: Keeping Everyone Safe

1. If you have tested positive, or have been in close contact to someone who has tested positive or is exhibiting symptoms :

When attending appointments it is recommended to have completed 5 days of isolation prior to attending, with no new or worsening symptoms, if you are fully vaccinated; and 10-days if you are unvaccinated. If you have not completed the recommended isolation period prior to your appointment, we recommend you reschedule until you have. If you are uncertain, please self-assess and read more here, or phone us to discuss.

2. If you have gathered with individuals outside of your household within 7 days prior to your appointment, and were not able to maintain 2m distance AND be masked with an appropriately fitted medical-grade mask, regardless of vaccination status, we ask you to contact us to reschedule your appointment out to the recommended number of days.

3. Wear an appropriately fitting N95, KN95, or 3-layer medical mask to your appointments. If you do not own a mask of this type, one can be purchased from us for a nominal cost. For the time being, we ask that you refrain from utilizing reusable cloth masks that are not confirmed to be a minimum of 3-layers and/or fit appropriately (stays above your nose and without open gapping). Have you seen this helpful video on how to knot & tuck them for safer wearing?

4. Due to the high transmission potential of the Omicron variant, please be mindful of maximum capacity. In our flagship, we limit to 6 distanced clients at a time. Clients with appointments are given priority and additional clients will be asked to considerately wait outside until it is safe to enter, so everyone has the opportunity to physical distance. Other than primary caregivers, please attend solo. All clients continue to receive triple-screening (by email, phone, and upon entry).


5. Rest at ease knowing our sanitization protocols remain impeccable and timely, ensuring all touched surfaces are sanitized after each appointment. You will be offered our eucalyptus hand sanitizer when we welcome you in.



While these requests may seem stringent to some, 
we respect and appreciate your honesty and shared concern for keeping everyone well; especially those who are immunocompromised or unable to be vaccinated. We truly do have a wonderful community of clientele, with aligned wellness ideals. Thank you for approaching these recommendations with an honest and open heart. They are meant to protect you, your fellow clientele, and the dedication of those serving you. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email or phone to discuss.
Thank you in advance for your caring efforts.


We are committed to providing you with
hygienic and enjoyable, luxury care.