Land Acknowledgement

Align Custom Fit is operating on the ancestral lands of the Haudensaunee and Anishnaabeg and the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, whose presence reaches back to time immemorial. We are grateful to share in the stewardship of living and working on this land.
This unsurrendered territory is affected by the Upper Canada Treaties, and is within the lands protected by the “Dish With One Spoon” wampum belt covenant to share and protect the land with care. Subsequent Indigenous Nations and peoples, and all newcomers, have been invited into this treaty in the spirit of peace, friendship and respect. It symbolizes that we all eat out of the one dish – all of us that share this territory – with only one spoon. There is to be “no knife near our dish” and we share the responsibility of ensuring it is never empty;
This includes mutually taking care of the land and the creatures we share it with.
We encourage our guests, teams, suppliers, partners and extended communities to join us in reflecting on their individual and collective relationships to this land, whether through settlement, immigration, displacement, and/or a combination of interrelated experiences; and to thoroughly read the 'Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 2015 report, 94 Calls to Action'.