So if you're on social media you've likely seen the ongoing debate around footwear and foot health.... IS MINIMALISM OR SUPPORT BETTER FOR YOUR FEET?!


In this clip we see Tina showing how you can wear your Align Orthotics™ in supportive shoes, but when there’s a need to loosen up, train and strengthen foot muscles, switching to Align Orthotics™ “training” shoe. All in good fashion.


It fascinates me to ponder how people read these posts and think somehow one ideology could possibly incorporate both sides of the spectrum... for everyone! And this goes for both strength and conditioning, barefoot enthusiasts, and medical foot health folk, alike.


Here's all the debunking you need to know.

YES foot strengthening is GOOD.

Wearing shoes that match your foot shape is GOOD.

Wearing shoes that don’t overly brace the foot CAN BE GOOD...

If your feet and body alignment conditions warrant it...

If you CAN strengthen and walk without support, very conscious of foot musculature with each thoughtful step!


But of course not best for absolutely everyone and all the hundreds of foot conditions that foot health professionals see everyday. Bracing the feet unnecessarily is certainly BAD!

And sadly, many orthotic providers OF OLD were known to do this, leaving orthotic technology with a bad rap and potentially, people with weaker feet :( 

But fortunately, many progressive-minded therapists have brought technology a long way since then.


At Align we believe there is a spectrum. We constantly challenge having a thorough medical understanding by bringing multiple medical approaches under one lens to collectively broaden scope. We test the limits of what your unique body can do, to what extent can you strengthen and to what extent could you use support to help guide you.


So, we custom make Align Orthotics™ as a thin, proprioceptive layer to a heel-cradling, arch-supporting, toe-splaying structure guiding you underfoot, for each unique person's biomechanic capabilities and foot conditions. This provides just the right amount of support and can even progressively strengthen feet and even decrease dependence on Align Orthotics™.

Align Orthotics™ technology, design and ultimately medical creativity - make them for everyone.


This is especially and generally helpful for...

  • People who stand during their work on a floor with a cement pour base under it for long periods, and can’t just stand on soft grass all day :)
  • When we begin to age and may experience fat pad and collagen loss underfoot - could benefit from some support underfoot.
  • Many elderly people lack the muscular structure to hold themselves in a perfect position of alignment and need the support.
  • Diabetics can benefit from support underfoot, especially to protect the feet.
  • And also all people who just want to be healthy and strong!


Just like in life, we all need to stand on our own two feet, but sometimes in certain conditions, we could all use a little support. 

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