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Body Align Assessment

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How We Get To The Root Cause
To Keep You Aligned, Rid Pain And Guide You Into Better Alignment :

  • 2-Way Learning Session to discover the intricacies of your unique biomechanics and help correct imbalances that can put the body at risk for short and long-term damage.
  • Musculoskeletal Testing with Certified Strength and Conditioning approach determines target areas affecting your gait.
  • Movement Analysis - Slow Motion Video at 240-frames-per-second by Align Clinician biomechanics experts to measure exact misalignment angles and gait characteristics to be improved
  • Simple Functional Movement exercises you can do regularly to strengthen how you uniquely move.
  • Wardrobe Clean. We'll analyze your existing shoes to help you determine what is helping or hindering you.
  • Shoe Shopping Tutorial in the Align Designer Showroom to teach you how to shop for shoes that are healthiest for your unique biomechanics.
  • 3-D laser scans done of your feet and your chosen, ideal footwear.
  • Digital Report with Video is emailed to you for both you and your family doctor or broader health care team.
  • Align Orthotics™ Digital Design Creation by your Align Clinician (our trained team of biomechanics expercts incl. Chiropodists, Athletic Therapists, Pedorthists, & Kinesiologists).
  • Rx Available by request for your insurance subsidy purposes
  • Fitting Appointment is included.

Toddlers 0-5 $30. Kids 6-12 $60.
Adults $120

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Custom Bracing

In this appointment an Align Clinician will assess your need for custom bracing, and select your style & sizing or design a completely custom 3D printed brace for you. You may book either a 10-minute consult or a full Body Align Assessment.

Compression Socks

Click here to learn more about the science behind compression socks.
Or if you know you want them but you don't know your size, book either a 10-minute consult or a full Body Align Assessment.


Our foot health consults start at $30.

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Cancellation Policy

The full cost of the service is charged when appointments are missed or cancelled without 48 hours notice.