Insurance Coverage Questions


Align Clients often have some coverage to help subsidize the cost of our services. For help with fully understanding your own insurance coverage for our products and services, beyond what is shown in your insurance coverage outline, we provide the list of questions below for you to ask your provider by phone.

We can also provide you with detailed quotes to send to your insurance company, upon request.  While we do our best to guide you to the most appropriate appointment for your needs, understanding individual insurance coverage is ultimately the responsibility of the client, before the appointment. 

Once you find out your coverage, please let us know, as we are happy to update your records with this information, to make your future bookings easier by ensuring we book you with the appropriate Align Clinician.


Insurance Coverage Questions For Our Services 

  1. Assessment for Custom Orthotics featuring our Body Align Assessment  $120
    1. Do I have assessment coverage for Pedorthic, Athletic Therapy, Kinesiology, and Chiropody 
    2. What is the dollar amount I am covered for this assessment?


  1. Chiropody Footcare  -  featuring our signature medical pedicure  
    1. What is the dollar amount I am covered for?
    2. How many visits am I eligible for per year?
    3. Do I have different coverage for initial assessments vs follow-up treatments?


Insurance Coverage Questions For Our Products 

  1. Custom Orthotics $525
    1. What is the dollar amount I am covered for?
    2. How often am I eligible for new pairs?


  1. Orthopedic Footwear
    1.  Please confirm the type I am covered for:
      a.  Off-the-shelf orthopedic shoes, or
      b.  Modified shoes
    2. What is the dollar amount I am covered for?
    3. Is a pre-estimate or quote required?


  1. Compression Socks
    1.  What is the dollar amount I am covered for?
    2. How many pairs am I eligible for?
    3. How often am I eligible for coverage for new pairs?
    4. Is there a minimum compression level required?


For all products and services, can I put any balances through a health spending account?  

Do dependents on my plan have the same coverage as I do?



For ease of booking your appointments, you may book online, or phone the clinic during our hours of operation, Monday-Friday from 10-7 and Saturday from 10-5.

If you are late for, miss, or cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours' notice, you will be charged the full appointment cost.


Our Client Experience team is here if you have any questions, at all. We look forward to discussing the next steps with you, hosting you in our luxurious facility, and revolutionizing the way you walk.