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MalleoTrain Plus

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The MalleoTrain Plus ankle brace effectively prevents foot injuries and rehabilitates previously injured joints.

Unique to the MalleoTrain Plus are two gel pads, embedded on both sides, which actively massage the ankle joint to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief. Produced from an elastic and comfortable knit material, the MalleoTrain Plus delivers medical-grade compression to reduce swelling and promote circulation.

Similar to the MalleoTrain S ankle brace, the adjustable strap system is also featured in the MalleoTrain Plus. This strap system acts as a functional tape bandage to prevent lateral twisting and provide stability to the ankle joint. Ideal for post-operative recovery, ankle ligament instability and severe ankle sprains.

We recommend using the Sports Ankle Support during exercise, and the MalleoTrain Plus for the day to day treatment of mild to moderate ankle indications.

Book with your Align Clinician to determine the appropriate size and comlementing treatment plan for you.


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